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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t see your question below, please contact us for help.

Will an Equafleece® really keep my dog dry?

Yes! The combination of body heat and fleece means the rain doesn’t penetrate the Equafleece® but sits on the outer surface of the garment keeping the wearer warm and toasty. So unless you’re out for many hours in torrential rain, or your dog has an extraordinarily dense coat, our fleeces will keep out the worst the weather can throw at you. See our Fabric and Design page for more details.

However, please note that Polartec® fleece isn’t like neoprene and can’t be worn for swimming. It would be much like a person swimming in a fleece, getting heavy and stretching permanently out of shape.

And the same garment dries as well? How does that work?

Again – yes! It's all about the same layer of warm air which makes the Equafleece® water repellent. This warmth draws moisture from the skin (not just the hair) which then evaporates from the surface of the fleece. The huge advantage of a non-absorbent fleece is it can be used again to the same effect almost immediately – shake the wet garment on removal and it can be put straight back on, very useful for working dogs.

Will my dog overheat?

The Polartec® fleece is breathable rather than impermeable and so allows for body temperature moderation (within reason – but best not worn on a hot day!).

If my dog’s hair is prone to matting/knotting, should I not buy an Equafleece®?

Most dogs don’t have a problem, but just occasionally a dog’s hair will be prone to matting when wearing any garment, be it fleece or cotton, and so we advise wearing it for short periods until you know.

We’d never advise you to buy or to not buy an Equafleece, but just to wear it for short periods to begin with. We know all responsible owners are dotty about their dogs and will be vigilant to ensure their dogs are safe.

Can I wash my Equafleece®?

Please do! All the fleece garments machine wash really well on a gentle 30°C or 40°C cycle, and because the water-repellent nature of fleece is innate, there is no need to re-proof your Equafleece® – ever!

But BEWARE! Don't use fabric softeners, 2-in-1 detergents or any special detergents. The best detergent to use is a regular non-bio.

Also BEWARE! Don't wash your fleeces with light coloured towels or linen as they often shed lint particles when washed, and fleece is brilliant at picking up lint (in rare cases, lint has been deposited in a machine from a previous wash). The result is that your lovely fleece can come out of the machine looking like it has dandruff. The only way to get rid of those particles is to then brush the fleece carefully with a nail brush. Equafleece is in no way liable for the adhesion of lint or how a customer washes their garments.

The fluorescent garments should be washed separately or with whites to ensure they come up glaringly bright after every wash.

What if there are lint specks stuck to the fleece after washing?

Polartec® fleece can be a collector of lint, and towels and linens are a giver of lint, therefore always avoid washing these items together. These specks will come off a garment with light brushing with a nail brush. Regardless, an Equafleece garment will still keep your dog dry and mud free, and is really designed as a tool to improve your life rather than a thing of beauty.

Will my Equafleece® stretch, shrink or fade?

Polartec® fleece is the best fabric for washable dogwear! It doesn’t shrink, stretch or fade as long as you follow our garment care instructions on the garment wash label, and should give you many years of use.

I have a zip fitted that is becoming stiff to open and close, is there anything I can do?

All outdoor/waterproof zips tend to get stiff after a bit which can lead to breakages. The professionals use silicone spray to lubricate the teeth, but if you don’t have that you could try furniture polish as it contains a high percentage of silicone.

Does it restrict the dog in any way?

Correctly fitted, your Equafleece® allows unparalleled ease of movement. The soft fleece and minimal use of buckles and straps mean even the smallest dog is free to scamper about unimpaired. The ergonomically designed fleeces allow for the craziest cavorting by the most energetic of wearers.

How do I know what style would be best?

Every dog is different, and each Equafleece® style has its design perks. Our team is very happy to discuss the range and advise on options – or come and visit us at a show and ‘try then buy’.

How much of the tummy do the jumpers cover and will they fit my dog comfortably (he’s a boy!)?

Equafleece garments are cut to accommodate the male figure! The Jumper, Tankie and Suit all cover the rib cage and end at the dog’s waist, so he should be just fine. If individual dimensions or habits demand, you may find the Polo Neck Coat better suited for your chap.

How do I measure my dog?

To be sure of the best possible fit, please measure from the centre of the dog’s chest to in line with base of tail, NOT simply down the spine – this takes shoulder width into account. The best thing to do is look at the Measuring your Dog video on this website. Any problems or questions, please do contact us.

What if my Equafleece® doesn’t fit?

We’re happy to exchange or refund any standard Equafleece® garment that doesn’t fit as long as it’s in a re-saleable condition and hasn’t been worn (as opposed to simply tried on) or is hairy, smelly or dirty.

If your dog isn’t standard size then we can make-to-measure. This service is available between March and October before the ‘Winter rush’. Please note that we don’t exchange or offer returns on customised or bespoke garments.

Where can I buy an Equafleece®?

Equafleece® is only available direct from us either via the internet, mail order, or from our stand at shows throughout the year. Postage within the UK is free using Royal Mail Tracked 48, and we aim to dispatch goods that are in stock within 48 hours of ordering. If your order is out of stock we aim to make and despatch it within 7–10 days.

We do also have one stockist: Harry’s Treats, 212 Portobello High Street, Edinburgh, EH15 2AU. Sadly we aren’t able to wholesale to other stockists as we struggle to make enough for ourselves in our busy period.

What if the item I want is out of stock?

If the garment you want to order is out of stock, please call us on 01822 820550 to place a back order and we’ll endeavour to have the item with you as soon as possible. 

What if my dog wears a harness?

Most of our garments work well with a harness worn over the top, so a harness hole isn’t included as standard. However, if you’d like a harness hole added, please try the garment on for fit, mark where you’d like the harness hole positioned and we’ll add one (at extra cost) on its return.

If you do want your dog to wear a harness  over the top of an Equafleece garment it will need to be loosened to accommodate the fabric. Please be aware that Equafleece cannot be held responsible and is in no way liable for any damage caused to its garments by the wearing of a harness leaving rub marks. Please also be aware that the wearing of a harness may affect the water repellent properties of the fabric by causing water to be pushed through in those areas.

What are my customer rights if the product I ordered doesn’t fit my dog?

Our staff can give sizing advice but aren’t responsible for a garment not fitting. We’re in no way responsible for inaccurate information entered into an order directly by a customer.

We’re always super happy to exchange or refund any garment that’s returned in resaleable condition. We don’t reimburse return postage, but your replacement garment will be posted to you free of charge.

What if I have a complaint or a grievance?

Equafleece takes all complaints very seriously. We strive to make great products, give great service and really care about our little rural business. We work really hard to keep up with growing demand, so we get really upset when things go wrong. We are human and if we make a mistake we will move heaven and earth to rectify it.

We ask that customers respect our staff as fellow human beings. It is totally unacceptable to shout or swear at our hard-working telephonists. If a customer is emotionally charged, abusive, threatening or bullying, we have the facility to record the call which will be used in defence.