Due to Covid-19 and delayed fleece deliveries, many products are now out of stock. We’re still making as much as we can, and anything our machinists are currently making (shown as “expected in 1–2 weeks”) can be back-ordered online. Unfortunately we can’t keep waiting lists, so please check back frequently to see if new stock is available.

Summer Suit

Summer Suit in Raspberry Red
Summer Suit in Raspberry Red

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Designed to help us cope with the wet British summers, the water-repellent Summer Suit is a fabulous garment. It can also help keep your dog clean in muddy conditions.

Made from a technical fabric, similar in look and feel to cotton T-shirting, but wicking and with a really good degree of water-repellence. Whilst we wouldn’t dare claim at this stage that this fabric is 100% rainproof, it performed exceptionally well over 12 months of trials and we think you’ll be impressed.

Originally conceived as a Tick Suit, this garment is designed to be a bit more fitting without being tight. As a result, it won’t be a problem if your dog happens to briefly take to the water, though it’s certainly no wetsuit!

This garment is not suitable as a cooling suit – the cotton T-Shirt Body or T-Shirt Suit is the garment you want.

Summer Suit in Black
Summer Suit in Black